how to boost traffic as a blogger

As a new blogger, you are all giddy about finally launching your own blog that you sit down for hours writing your first ever post, wanting to WOW your readers. After reading through and adding the finishing touches, you hit the publish button. Done. Time to relax! But wait a minute…when you check your blog stats after a couple of hours, you are bewildered at the number of visits you are seeing. Zero. No traffic at all. You take a fatal blow to the chest and that is the dramatic end to your blogging journey.

It is not the end.

There is a way to turn zero into hundreds. Hundreds into thousands. Thousands into tens of thousands, and to every blogger’s dream, millions of visits per month. Grab a cup of tea and get comfy as I am about to explain the many different ways to boost traffic to your blog.

How to Boost your Blog Traffic as a New Blogger Pinterest

Ways to boost traffic to your blog

Set a list of specific goals

I am a self-proclaimed goal setter. I love setting a list of goals to achieve because it motivates me to tick off the boxes. Write a list of specific goals you want to achieve for your blog during the short to long term. This could involve getting ‘X’ amount of views in 3 months or gaining ‘X’ amount of subscribers to your email list. Be realistic though. Setting your unrealistic goals may be an issue as you will feel disheartened and stressed if you don’t reach them

Share your blog posts on Facebook

With more than 2 billion active monthly users, it is wise to promote your posts on Facebook to drive traffic to your blog. If you are afraid of being ‘annoying’ by always promoting your posts, make a Facebook page for your blog. Let people on your friends list and all over your social media platforms that you have a Facebook page, and those who are interested will give you a like. They will expect to be notified when a new post is out, and are more likely to be more engaged with your blog.

Auto-Tweet new posts (Oh and don’t forget to tweet your old posts)

On your blog, you can set up auto-tweet to automatically tweet whenever a new post is up. Easy! It doesn’t stop there. Use Twitter to your advantage and give a traffic boost to your old posts from time to time.

Let your Instagram followers know about your blog

You can drive traffic to your blog via Instagram using 3 strategies:

  1. Announce new posts in your caption
  2. Adding your blog URL to your bio
  3. Announce new posts on Instagram stories, or if you have more than 10,000 followers, use the swipe up feature to link your Instagram followers directly to your blog (Instagram should really let anyone use the swipe up feature, don’t you think?).

Join Pinterest group boards

Pinterest is an amazing way to gain exposure through your visual content. To attract your target audience, make pins that are eye-catching. I recommend using Canva. It’s free and super easy to use (you don’t need to be a graphic designer to make pin-worthy content!). There’s a lot of group boards out there so request to join some that are relevant to your niche.

Join relevant Facebook groups

There are many Facebook groups for different interests from cake making to blogging to fitness. Simply search a keyword that interests you and lots of Facebook groups will pop up. Join some, read the rules, and start interacting. There will usually be strict threads for each day of the week where you can promote your content but some groups allow you to post your own threads, discussions and links.

Leave meaningful comments on blogs within your niche

Be part of the blogging community and support other blogs. Actually read their content and leave well thought-out comments rather than just saying “great post” or “i love this”. It just shows that you aren’t interested and probably didn’t even read their post. Also, avoid being too self-promotional when leaving a comment by encouraging their readers to check out your blog. It’s not professional.

Remember, what comes around goes around. Support others and others will support you. This is what I love about the blogging community. There is no competition or race to become the best. We all support each other which is awesome!

Reach out to other bloggers

Networking is important in the blogging world. Making connections with bloggers within your niche is advantageous because you can work on collaborative posts, and special projects to guide readers to each others’ blog. You will get exposure from other bloggers audience and vice versa. It’s a win-win! Plus, you have now gained a blogger friend.

Always respond to comments

To build blog traffic, you have to manage the traffic you already have. This involves being responsive to your readers and make sure they know that you value their input. I respond to everyone because I appreciate them taking their time to read my post and letting me know their thoughts.

Write clear, compelling titles

When people are searching for something in particular within your niche, it is pivotal that your title encourages them to click on your blog. Make sure that your title clearly conveys your content, and will interest them enough to click on your link.

Share some of your traffic boosting strategies below.


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