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15 Ways to Get Motivated When You’re Not Feeling It

Ways to get motivated when you're not feeling it

Do you know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and feel like just laying in bed all day doing absolutely nothing? That was me this morning. With zero motivation up my sleeve, I was keen to spend the day being a potato. Then I thought about the ‘To Do’ list I wrote the night before… What will happen if I don’t respond to the emails my clients have sent 10 minutes ago while I was dozing off? Who will pack and ship off my orders from my business? Who will write this very blog post you are reading? With all these questions running through my mind, I had no choice but to get up and become a motivated potato to check off my ‘To Do’ list.

Here are 15 ways on how to get motivated when you’re not feeling it.

Tips on How to Get Motivated

1. Find a mantra

When times are tough and you want to hide in a hole, your mantra will save you. A mantra is a repeated word, phrase or sound that aids your concentration and keeps you calm and collected. If you’re looking for some mantra inspiration, here are my favourite mantras to get me motivated:

  • ‘I will be rewarded if I complete this task’
  • ‘I can and I will do this’ 
  • ‘Have big dreams. You will grow into them’
  • ‘I am stronger than my excuses’ 
  • ‘Pour your heart into it’

Pour your heart into it to get you motivated when you're not feeling it

2. Reflect on your past accomplishments

Sometimes when you lack motivation, you just feel like you are doing nothing with your life. Don’t let it get the better of you. Instead focus on your past accomplishments. What have you achieved in the past that you are super duper proud of? It could be your assignment grade or you got offered your dream job or something simple like you initiated a friendly conversation with a stranger for the first time (and you are super shy). Any moment(s) in your life that you are proud of, reflect upon them when you lack motivation. You are bound to feel much happier and motivated to seize the day.

3. Plan your goals

When your motivation is down the drain, it is helpful to sit down and plan your goals. Goal setting is a motivational exercise. It gets you to visualise what you want to achieve in the short and long term so you put yourself in the right mindset to go hustle.

4. Practice gratitude

Despite being trendy in the social media world, gratitude is a great daily exercise to practice. By thinking about what you are grateful for, you begin to realise that life isn’t as bad as you make it. You can practice gratitude in one (or two or all three) of these methods:

  • Vocal.Look in the mirror and say out loud what you are grateful for today.
  • Write. Keep a gratitude journal to document the things you are grateful for each day.
  • Mind. Sit in a quiet spot and think about what you are grateful for today.

5. Bribe yourself

Just like a toddler gets bribed with candy if they are behaving, sometimes we need to get bribed in order to complete a task. My favourite bribe of all is ‘I can only watch the latest episode of ‘X’ if I complete my task(s). If you bribe yourself with something that you love or cannot resist, your level of motivation will go straight through the roof. Truth.

6. Actively search for inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to find it. My favourite place to find inspiration is Pinterest. You can search anything from recipes to cute animals to awesome DIY’s. Pinterest is a never-ending world of ideas and you should definitely join in. Create a board specifically for days where your motivation is low, and it can lift your spirits. You can check out my Pinterest here.

7. Find someone to hold you accountable

Sometimes people find it difficult to accomplish something on their own, especially when they are not feeling motivated. Get someone you trust to hold you accountable. Make them ask you regularly how your progress is going. This will help you get through the task because if you have someone holding you accountable, you’ll be motivated to make some progress because you don’t want to feel like a failure. No one does!

8. Knock off the easy tasks first

With no ounce of motivation, it is very unlikely that you will be tackling hard tasks easily. Start off with the easy tasks and ease your way into it. The more you check off your list, the more motivated you become in achieving all your set tasks.

9. Split large tasks into small tasks

Have you looked at a hard task once and was like “nope”? Those are the tasks I am talking about. Instead of tackling it on head first, split it up into smaller bite size chunks to make them more manageable. You will thank yourself later.

10. Organise your space

When your space is messy, it affects your motivation. I mean, who wants to work in a cluttered space? Not me. Take some time to get rid of the clutter and you’ll find yourself more motivated with a clean and tidy space.

11. Spend time outside

Get in touch with mother nature because it’s a great way to clear your mind and boost those happy vibes. Whether it be a walk in the park, or a full on hiking adventure, get outdoors. You’ll come back renewed (and bring your camera! I’m sure there will be lots of blog-worthy shots).

Spend time outside to get motivated

12. Grab a tea or coffee

This is for all the tea and coffee lovers out there. Need an excuse for another cup of tea or coffee? You can boost your motivation just by having a nice hot cuppa. Even better, add a cookie. Yum!

13. Listen to upbeat music

When you are lacking motivation, a great trick is to listen to music but not just any music. Opt for upbeat, happy music. If you listen to sad ballads, you may not be feeling the wave of “I can do anything!” rush through your body. You’ll probably lay in bed, pondering about all your life decisions. There are lots of great playlists on Spotify that you can listen to, or create your own playlist filled with your favourite motivational songs.

14. Create a vision board

Vision boards are perfect for visually seeing everything that you want to achieve. Place your vision board in a place where you can see it every single day to remind you why you are doing what you do. Things that you can put on your vision board include your future house, holiday destinations you want to visit, your next pet and your dream career.

15. Think about the benefits instead of the difficulties

Instead of thinking negative, think positive! It is definitely easier said than done but it is worth a try. If you realise the benefits, you will be more motivated than if you simply focus on how hard or how boring or time-consuming it is.

Let’s try this scenario. You are saving for a vacation around Europe but you’re not motivated to save money lately because you would rather spend your money right now on items you want than save and budget. The difficulties in this scenario are self-control, and the feeling that you are missing out. On the other hand, the benefits are an amazing European trip, amazing photography and foodie experiences, and the chance to meet new people. If you focus on the benefits, you will definitely feel more motivated to save and budget for that Euro trip.

What is your way of staying motivated when you’re in slump-town?

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  • easttowestparenting

    I loved your useful insight. People are growing up to be procrastinators and your post will help them immensely, including me.

    • Stephanie Foo

      I am so glad this post is helpful to you 🙂 I myself tend to procrastinate at times and it really helps to know the strategies you can do to get motivated and accomplish your goals.

  • As someone going through midterms right now, this post has perfect timing!

    • Stephanie Foo

      I’m glad you find this post helpful – Good luck with your midterms!

  • Robin Harwick

    Great tips!! I like how you gave so many options. I think this could be really useful for my work with youth!

    • Stephanie Foo

      Thank you, Robin! I’m glad these tips will be useful 🙂

  • I have a hard time motivating myself when I feel like doing Nothing. Most of the time I start the day with doing something for myself and then start with my work or to do list. Not always the best way haha. Love your tips! Definitely pinning this to read back later.

    • Stephanie Foo

      Well in your defence, it’s always good to spend a little time in the mornings to have some “me-time”. Thank you! I’m glad this post helps you 🙂

  • Jenny Eden Berk

    All of these are so true and have helped me in the past. Thanks for the reminders!

    • Stephanie Foo

      You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed these tips!

  • Sara Flanagan

    I adore these tips! 4, 6 and 13 are my usual go tos, but they all rock. Thanks for sharing 😊

    • Stephanie Foo

      Yay! Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoy the tips 🙂

  • Monika

    I normally bribe myself and that seems to work along with reminiscing about past achievements. Great post!

    • Stephanie Foo

      Thank you, Monika!

  • Sneha Lodha

    Thanks for sharing these motivating tips.. it was helpful 😊

    • Stephanie Foo

      I’m glad these helped you 🙂

  • I always use music to motivate me in the mornings and I am constantly writing lists and bribing myself to get stuff done. Great post

    • Stephanie Foo

      Thanks, Nicki! I’m glad you have already used some of these tips in your life.

  • Rachel Stone

    I bribe myself with food often which isnt good for my weight! I do use having a cuppa tea a good way to sit down and start something – with one of those in hand its always easier! Great points, will remember them next time I’m stuck!

    • Stephanie Foo

      Haha I can’t bribe myself with food because I can’t work when I’m hungry! Oh yes definitely, I love tea! I’m glad these tips will help you in the future 🙂

  • Love how you say “bribe yourself” I find that that one always works best 🙂

    • Stephanie Foo

      Yes! Personally that works best for me. If I want something, I will do anything to get it 😛

  • Anissa Watkins

    Definitely have an accountability partner and I like to split big task throughout the day. I may start a gratitude journal!

    • Stephanie Foo

      Yes! I have a gratitude journal and it puts me in the right mindset everyday 🙂

  • Oluwakemi A. Toluwalase

    Great tips 💜

    • Stephanie Foo


  • Jessica Byrne

    Ahh I loved this! Thank you for posting I’ve been
    super unmotivated lately but I want to change and work hard for my goals! ❤️

    • Stephanie Foo

      I’m so glad you loved this! I hope this inspires you to make positive changes in your life to achieve your goals 🙂

  • I love the idea of having a mantra! As a new blogger, it’s overwhelming thinking about all of the things I need to do. I am always creating lists, but sometimes it’s hard to get that motivation going once I sit down to work. Great post!

    • Stephanie Foo

      Yes I totally understand you! It can be hard when everything keeps piling up on your plate. Thank you! So glad you found this post helpful 🙂

  • Ashley Woodson

    This is awesome! I will definitely keep these in mind when I’m not feeling it.

    • Stephanie Foo

      Thank you! So glad you found this post helpful.

  • I so needed this today!

    • Stephanie Foo

      Glad this was helpful for you, Jenny!

  • Ella in Wanderlust ☽

    Such a great post! I was in definite need of uplifting today and now I feel more inspired. Might just make myself a cup of tea now as I agree, this can be really beneficial to our days haha

    • Stephanie Foo

      Thank you so much! I am so happy to hear that! Best of luck hustling towards your goals 🙂

  • These tips are awesome! I already practice some of them but I will be using more tips that you have suggested. I am a HUGE believer in mantras – I am going to print a few of them and stick them up at my desk 🙂

    ♡ Cam • Jane Wonder – Fashion and Beauty Blog •

    • Stephanie Foo

      Thank you, Camilla!! I’m glad these helped you broaden the ways you motivate yourself! Oh yes, those definitely help! I have a mantra as my desktop wallpaper so I ALWAYS see it 🙂

  • Love the mantra! I have it hanging right next to my desk 🙂

    • Stephanie Foo

      Yay! Mantras are such great positive reminders when we are feeling unmotivated 🙂

  • Jason Endress

    I’m doing so many of these things right now. It’s gross and raining- I need the boost. Tea, music and positive thoughts are doing the trick.

  • Robyn Nicole Shaver

    I absolutely LOVE this! Mantras really do work. I tried a sales job once, and it was the worst, but I had mantras I wrote down and kept in my car visor and read and repeated them before every pitch. What wonders that did!

  • Measha Vieth

    This is a great list! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • aspiringminds Trinidad

    Awesome well thought out list and information is spot on <3 <3

  • Erika Ravnsborg

    Oh boy! I needed this post today for sure. Thank you so much for posting. You got me motivated again.

  • Kristiana Wajnblom

    I love this! Especially the vision board & the last tip to think about the benefits! 🖤