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Where The Hell Have I Been? A Life Update

Travelling in thailand

I am finally writing this post to update you on where the hell I have been during these past two months. You may have noticed my unusual silence on Twitter and Instagram – oops. Trust me when I say that I love social media. I mean, I work as a social media manager for fox sakes (no cussing over here!).

In all seriousness, ever since the end of March, life has been difficult, both physically and mentally. Since my blog is a space where I share my stories, experiences, and advice, I feel like I should also share my personal downfalls because hey, life is unpredictable. Things happen and you have to learn how to adapt to overcome your problems.


Ever since I graduated, I was excited for my trip to Thailand and Malaysia. The 3 week trip was a reward to myself for surviving 5 years at university. It was amazing! From the people to the culinary delights to the temples, everything was a joy to experience (minus the horrendous traffic and air pollution).

Travelling in Malaysia

Travelling in thailandWhen my 3 week trip came to an end, I said goodbye to wanderlust and fluttered back to reality. Struck by a serious case of jetlag, I didn’t have the motivation to be active on social media nor work on my blog or business. I was physically and mentally exhausted.

  • Struggle to find a job

Life after university is hard. The struggle to find a job is real. Applying for hundreds of jobs and getting no replies or rejections affects your motivation to keep trying. Believe me, it’s not always to do with the fact that you are not good enough for the position. It’s about how you present yourself on a couple pieces of paper before you land an interview (Hint: CV and cover letter).

I think that many universities fail to properly prepare students for the real world, and I’m not talking about the quality of academic curriculum. I’m talking about the skills behind finding a job in a competitive market, such as how to write a CV and cover letter that stands out, the importance of extra-curricular activities, how to prepare for an interview, and work experience opportunities. Yes you can research most of these things on the internet but universities should better prepare graduates as part of their education and to help their transition from university to full-time work.

  • Losing my touch with writing

Writing has been my love ever since I got my pen licence (It was the rite of passage from writing with pencil to pen back in primary school! Tell me you know what I’m talking about or is my primary school weird?).

Writing is a way to express myself without being verbal, and allows myself to create stories that people will enjoy and benefit from.

At the end of March, I lost my touch with writing. I didn’t feel like writing. If I did pick up a pen, the words wouldn’t flow onto paper so I gave up. I had zero inspiration.


I have no idea.

Maybe it has to do with my next point…

  • Feeling disconnected

This has to be one of the worst feelings one could experience. Many people thrive off connections, whether it be in person or, in this new day and age, digitally.

I felt disconnected.

No matter how hard I tried to connect with people, it didn’t feel right. I just wanted to be alone until I was in a better state of mind. Sometimes you need that time alone to reevaluate how your life is going but when you actively try and isolate yourself from the world, now that is a bigger issue.

  • A death in the family

On the 14th of April, my 7 year old bunny, Kookie, passed away. She was beside me during the countless late nights I spent studying for my university exams, the nights when I finished work late, and the early mornings when I had breakfast.

Over the past month, I had been to the vet clinic many times because she was sick but ultimately, her health deteriorated so fast that I couldn’t save her. Her passing took a heavy toll on me, partly because it was the first time I lost a close family member (yes, I consider my pets as family), and I felt guilty. Guilty for not being able to prevent her illness, and guilty for having her suffer. Rest in peace, my little darling.

Kookie the rabbit


  • I got a 9-5 job

Completely out of the blue, I managed to get a 9-5 job at an engineering consulting firm as a marketing assistant.

I’m super happy about that since marketing is one of my interests and having it as my job is wonderful!

  • My love for writing is back

How did it come back?

I think it’s because I am in a much more positive mindset to gain the motivation to work on my passions. If you are experiencing something more than the usual writer’s block, don’t think that you are alone. My inbox is always open to you!

  • The many wonderful friends I have online

Ah social media, I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to meet so many lovely people from across the globe!

So many of you (you know who you are!) have reached out to be during my huge social media/blog break to express your concerns for me. Despite not being able to chat with you on the daily, you still remember and care for me. Thank you for being an amazing friend!

  • A new member to the family

After the passing of Kookie, it was difficult, both for my family and our bunny, Yuki (Kookie’s companion). We decided that it would help us through the grief by having another new addition to our family.

Everyone, meet Shiro. He is a cheeky little Netherland Dwarf with a MASSIVE personality! If you want to see more of him and his sister, Yuki, they have an Instagram! (Yes, I’m one of those people who make an Instagram for their pets!)

shiro the bunny

I hope you have all been well, and thank you for reading my life update!

With love,

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  • • AshadahFashion •

    Your bunnies are so cute! And yes, I am currently a college student and I had to learn my people skills and job hunting skills from my mother, so luckily I am learning and have a job white in college. The stress of finals, midterms, money, studies is hard! I completely understand your perspective and life kinda gets tough. But I admire that through it all, you managed to stay afloat and get right back into gear! Good luck at your new job and have fun with your new bunny!

  • MJ Cagadas

    Hi, Steph! Trust me when I say that I think I’ve gone through the same stuff as yours for the past 2 months, but I tried to dodge it all hehe I was so desperate to write so much and I think I did the job pretty well. I was also dishearten when I found out that Kookie passed away, I know how hard it is! Anyway, so happy that you’re finally back! xx



    I seriously missed your writing! <3 And I'm so happy to see everything going so well for you! Please, stay inspired and motivated – we ALL missed you!


  • Nora D

    I just checked your blog after a while and I am so happy for this post, it motivated me to go foward. I had a similar disconnection from the world in the past month and I am ready to regain connection with others and socialize. Thanks a lot, Vivienne 🙂