Hello and a very warm welcome to my lifestyle and travel blog by a curious Australian girl with an unhealthy obsession with coffee, bunnies, and pastel colours. My name is Stephanie, a 23 year old with an itching need to wander the world, create new experiences and inspire others to live their dream life. I created this hub to inspire and motivate people like me who wish to lead a more adventurous, fulfilling life because hey, we only live once.

On this blog, I share lifestyle tips, blogging and business tips, motivational advice, and a little of my life living in Sydney, Australia.

How I came into blogging

For all those that know me on Instagram, I am in love with bunnies and started an Etsy shop dedicated in selling my handmade pet accessories and treats for bunnies (yes, that’s a thing!) and recently, catering to other pets. My pet business was my first entrepreneurial venture. It was a great learning experience as I learnt the ins and outs of managing my own business. I also picked up freelancing work on the side where I wrote articles for blogs and businesses, and became a social media manager. My next goal is to: start my own blog. I have put this one off for years (5 years to be exact!) but now I am taking the leap to take blogging more seriously. Plus, I love writing and photography so it’s a win-win!

If you feel motivated and inspired to turn your dreams into reality and become more adventurous about the world around us, then my job is done! I want to keep this blog 100% real (we have enough unrealistic expectations already!) and share down to earth, honest information that will help, motivate and inspire you.

I adore chatting with you guys so I strongly encourage you to comment on my posts and I will always give you an answer. You can also find me on social media since I basically live there (social media addict right here!)

Some fun facts you might have not known about me

  • I am not the greatest at quickly picking up new languages but I am learning Korean and Chinese. A big thank you to Korean and Chinese dramas for making the learning process 10x more enjoyable.
  • I am a crazy cat lady (that has never owned a cat in her entire life).
  • I have been with my partner-in-crime, Aaron for the past 5+ years and counting.
  • I love social media.
  • I am a huge goal-setter and planner enthusiast.
  • I enjoy crochet and am currently learning to knit.
  • I am well known at my local post office for coming around with 20+ parcels to ship.
  • I love bubble milk tea (a.k.a boba).

With love,