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Before I started my blog, I’ve constantly heard about the difficulty of new bloggers succeeding and getting their name out there because the blogging world is a “competitive and saturated industry”. I’ve also heard a tale of the blogging community being a nasty bunch.

Not being phased by the possibility of not succeeding, I still went along with my desire to have my own space on the internet. I started this blog because I wanted to share my experiences and advice to help people become the best that they can be. Corny right? But I really mean it!

At the end of November 2017 straight after my last university exam ever, was born.

In the one and a half months that I have been blogging, I have learnt more than my brain could handle (literally!). From learning how to self-host my blog, how to optimise SEO, how to do basic coding, social media marketing, and honing my graphic design skills, let’s just say I was working on my blog 40+ hours a week. I was serious with my newly found project.

Blogging is a full-time job!

Bloggers wear so many hats to manage their blog from being the chief executive officer to content writer and all things in between. Let’s not forget the most important job of all: coffee maker. Just kidding! (half-kidding). Bloggers are constantly learning about new things such as SEO, methods of promotion, and new ways to style their photos. I can tell you with confidence that if you want blogging to become your career, it is not for the lighthearted but for those who are determined and passionate in what they are doing.

The truth about the blogging community

I’ve also learn that…

the blogging community is the most supportive bunch of individuals I have ever met!

Those tales of the blogging community being a nasty bunch is faaaaaaaaaar from the truth. Maybe they were hanging around the bad apples. I’ve met some of the most amazing people and it wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t joined the blogging community. Of course this is my own personal experience but if you are finding that you are lacking some supportive bloggers in your life, hit me up and i’ll connect you with an amazing bunch 😉

Let’s touch base on some blogging myths:

“Blogging is too competitive”

I am somewhat biased because I believe that blogging is not competitive and all about supporting one another to grow together. As positive as this sounds, I can still understand how some bloggers may find that blogging is too competitive. From improving traffic, receiving brand collaborations to growing your social media platforms, it is tough to attract your target market when there are millions of blogs on the internet. However instead of looking at the competitiveness of blogging, turn towards making friends with fellow bloggers and helping each other grow. In a perfect world, if every blogger had that mentality, there always will be room for everyone to reach the top.

“Bloggers aren’t friendly”

A few bad apples shouldn’t stereotype all bloggers as an unfriendly group of people. Like I said before, I have met the sweetest people and it all comes down to where to find them. In my experience, the best platform to meet like-minded bloggers are Twitter and Instagram. I personally find that you have more of a connection with other people on those platforms than on Facebook. Of course you can have a different experience. Facebook might be the platform where you met your blogging squad.

Moral of the story is: don’t judge the whole blogging community based on a few negative experiences.

“I can’t promote my content without being annoying”

It is essential to promote your content when it comes to blogging. How else are you going to get more eyes on your blog? I agree that there is a certain level where promoting your content is annoying for others. What is this level you ask? It’s the point where everything you post is about your blog only. There is no space in between your blog promotions for general chatter and for your personality to shine.

Over-promoting your blog can happen but don’t feel that if you promote your content, you are annoying. Promote your content! You have worked hard to create it so let yourself shine.

“I can’t write about this topic because someone has already written one”

Bloggers may post about similar topics but every blogger has a unique voice, different opinions and own writing style. I like to think that each blogger has something different to offer on the table. I never stray away from reading about a similar topic because I learn something new from each piece of writing. If bloggers weren’t allowed to write about the same topic, we would run out of ideas, don’t you think? 🙂 As long as you aren’t plagiarising (no one likes copy-cats!), go write about that topic!

“Blogging is NOT a real job”

I’ve heard this from time to time and some people really need to get a grip on the times. It’s a digital world, people! Blogging is a real job. Bloggers are their own personal brand who offer their products and/or services.

I think the reason why many people think blogging is not a “real job” is because during the early stages of blogging, it is very likely that you will not get paid for the time and effort you put in. Sometimes it can take years and years to earn an income that you can live on. During the early stages, you may often hear people say “Forget blogging and get a real job”. Let me tell you that blogging is a real job. It is just not the kind of job where you start earning money instantly.

Don’t be discouraged if someone tells you that blogging is not a real job because it is. Keep working on your brand! You might hit the milestone of “I’m going to quit my job because I can earn a full-time income off my blog!” 😉

What is your experience with the blogging community?


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